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Before continuing to use the services of our autolike .. Noteworthy privacy on the part of your facebook settings to change to the public ..

Download script OchaLiker . File this under the form of a zip file

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Team Auto Like Ocha Liker

Ocha Pratama

It's a service a brief tutorial to guide you who do not understand how to use auto like our facebook, First of all please enter your facebook first, respectively, after that open the settings and turn on followers, The next change in the option, maximum age should 18 years ago following her, open this section of the privacy and enable the public, if this option is only my friend, then friends of friends autolike will not work, for more details, Please see the video tutorial below by clicking on the camera icon / Video, keep in mind before playing this video tutorial, make sure your connection is stable, using Wi - Fi or 4G network

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Team Auto Like Ocha Liker

Ocha Pratama

This is a service or services of making auto like facebook .. which is easy to use safe and reliable .. .. 100 % is not spam .. not a hoax and not fishing .. your facebook account remains safe .. And awake .. we do not store your email and password .. 100 % guaranteed his safety and convenience .. if interested to use our services .. please select the menu above .. Basic / pro / premium .. and for payment .. can pass .. visa or master card through PayPal ..

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Team Auto Like Ocha Liker

Ocha Pratama

It is a service plus plus to your faithful use of our services like auto .. every month will be rewarded with raffle at the names of all of our members ..

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Team Auto Like Ocha Liker

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Majalengka, West Java.

Majalengka, Indonesia


Firstname Lastname Savings
Peter Griffin $ 10
Lois Griffin $ 10
Joe Swanson $ 10
Cleveland Brown $ 10

Firstname Lastname Savings
Citra Kirana $ 25
Deni Permana $ 25
Adam Smith $ 25
Bram A. Pramudita $ 25

Firstname Lastname Savings
Angelita Jolly $ 50
Geralld A. Smith $ 50
Narada F. Swanson $ 50
Nevanda J. Clacrshon $ 50

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